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Research Talks by Saeed Seyyed, PhD and Mithra Vankipuram, PhD -- Innovate for Health Fellows
Saeed Seyyedi's Title: A Digital Health Platform for Corneal Opacities and Cataracts Management

ABSTRACT: Cataracts and corneal opacities are eye disorders that affect the vision and are two most common causes of blindness world-wide, ranking as first and fourth. Early detection of these disorders can facilitate the treatment and minimize the need for complex surgeries or transplants. I am developing a novel screening and diagnostic tool that will allow the objective, remote, cost-effective and automated detection of cataracts and corneal opacities. This tool will be based on machine learning and computer vision algorithms for automated detection of cataracts and corneal opacities.

Mithra Vankipuram's Title: Clinically Meaningful Integration of Wearables Data for Disease Progression Monitoring in Patients Newly Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis

ABSTRACT:  For patients who are newly diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), this experience is filled with uncertainty. The use of wearables data provides an opportunity for newly diagnosed patients to understand how the small “steps” they take every day with respect to nutrition, exercise, stress management (e.g., meditation), medication adherence, or sleep affect their outcome. In addition, this data may be used to power a data product that informs the clinician if the patient’s disease state has worsened and how that compares to a clinical metrics captured on per patient or cohort level. At UCSF, the largest unmet need is data visualization research to understand how best to display wearables data at the point of care that is meaningful to clinicians and patients in their interaction. Project Curie will take an iterative product development approach, starting with building out a minimally viable product for integrating wearables-based activity data into clinical practice.

May 4, 2021 12:30 PM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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